Luxms BI – Fast, Stable and Scalable BI-Platform

Luxms BI Addresses #1 Customer’s Pain Point – High Speed Analytics on Big Data!

Who for – Large Corporations Requiring Modern Analytical Services.

Luxms BI success stories:

RosTelecom, Russia’s #1 Telco National Operator (42.3 Million Subscribers)

MegaFon, Russia’s top 3 Largest Mobile Operator (76.9 Million Subscribers)

RZD, Russian Rail Way Carrier – #1 National Transportation Company (1 Million Employees)

Features: Near Real-Time Streaming Analytics, in-memory Processing with MPP Data Storage, Unlimited Scalability, Solution Flexibility, Acceptable TCO

Use Cases:

Partnership Network: 10+ System Integration Partners in Russia, USA, APAC

Professionals who are focused on data-centric analytical solutions, data visualization, streaming analytics, in-memory analytics with 15+ years expertise in high-end enterprise solutions. Also work with massively-parallel implementation of AI/ML. We help our clients to overcome analytical challenges, design world-class software products.

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