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Our Market:

Data-rich companies - large businesses with intensive data flows. It is critical for them to make decisions in real time and use 100% of avaliable data.

We serve companies in any sector: telco, public sector, industrial holdings, finances, etc.


Use Cases:

  • You are dissatisfied with your current BI solution

    We help to migrate analytics to a modern technological stack to solve problems with speed, cost of ownership, flexibility, scalability or adaptation for requirements.

  • You are looking for innovations

    We help to prompt advanced analytical projects like massively parallel intellectual text analytics; massively parallel data mining and full-text search; massively parallel predictive analytics.
  • You are going through explosive data growth from digital transformation

    We help to utilize total volume of data for decision-making delivering BI-as-a-service
  • You are deploying BI for the first time

    We help to specify metrics and data sources, design visualization, make requirements to an analytical system. We can also help to deploy a single data storage in parallel.
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