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The minimum of important control indicators for operative management


Interactive dashboards for effective data presentation


Slice and dice your Key Performance Indicators on the go

Make a decision

All information you need from all corporate resources in one app

  • Relevant Technology

    "The Solutions present in the market, many of them, are overweight with the heritage of the previous technological epoch; they are conceptually desktop-based or web-oriented. They do not embrace the most promising recent achievements - touch interface and astounding power of tablet hardware. That's why we have been determined to create an exclusively cutting-edge solution that leverages all the productive features of iPad. And we have made it! "

    Dmitry Dorofeev, iOS Development

  • Business Process Efficiency

    "This solution is to give its customers - decision-makers - crucial business information, when they need it and where they need it. Instant, ready to analyze data sets with powerful visualization."

    Serg Shestakov, CEO at Luxms Inc.

  • Data Completeness

    "We offer more than an app. We also ship the server component - Data Mart where we collect and structure data for our customers. We can capture valuable analytical information from any data source, from real time data flows of 100,000+ packets per second to Oracle databases to Excel spreadsheets. Aggregated, pre-calculated figures are then brought to your tablet via Luxms BI app, promptly and easily."

    Dmitry Dorofeev, iOS Development

  • Comfort

    "Luxms BI enables customers to manage access rights. It also makes it possible to sync data on-demand. Finally, you can work with your data even without an Internet connection. It's an ideal solution for a business person who needs to analyze data on the road."

    Konstantin Lanin, Business Analytics

  • Focus on key information

    "The simpler and clearer the system is, the better for our users. Therefore we consciously chose minimum necessary set of dimensions "what, where, when" to design a practical and robust executive control system. Of course, it was a compromise. At the sacrifice of multidimensional analysis of data cubes, we gave executives an opportunity to focus only on the most essential information, without overloading by minor details. As a result our system is easy to develop, use and administer."

    Dmitry Dorofeev, iOS Development

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