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Luxms Group presented In-Database Application Server at PostgresConf 2019, NYC

Serg Shestakov, CEO, and Dmitry Dorofeev, head of R&D, presented BI application server running inside the PostgreSQL at the world’s largest Postgres Conference.

Mar 22 2019

Luxms NLP for Greenplum

Luxms group has launched Luxms NLP for Greenplum, an analytical solution based on Luxms BI platform. 

Dec 05 2018

"2-tier vs 3-tier Architectures for Data Processing Software"

Luxms paper on comparison of 2-tier and 3-tier achitectures for data processing is now in the ACM Digital Library.

Nov 13 2018

Luxms at ICAIT-2018

Luxms R&D center delegates joined ICAIT-2018 and presented their research findings comparing a traditional 3-tier architecture with a data-centric 2-tier architecture for data processing.

Nov 05 2018

Luxms at PostgresConf Silicon Valley

Luxms joined PostgresConf Silicon Valley on October 15-16, 2018.

Oct 25 2018

Launch of a new product line - Data-Centric Visualization

We have launched a new product line, Data-Centric Visualization

Oct 12 2018

Greenplum FDW for PostgreSQL 9.1+

Luxms group has released into open source a native two-way FDW connector between Greenplum 5 and PostgreSQL 9.1+.

Oct 03 2018

Open Source ETL: Apache NiFi vs Streamsets

New blog post about open source ETL at Stasbot blog.

Apr 25 2018

"IoT, CEP, storage and NATS in between"

Dmitry Dorofeev, a software software architect working at Luxms, published a first post from a series of articles abour streaming analytics pipeline in Greenplum blog

Nov 30 2017

Luxms on Greenplum meetup

Luxms joined Greenplum meetup in St. Petersburg on September 28, 2017.

Oct 02 2017