Luxms BI - Luxms at Greenplum Summit 2020


Luxms at Greenplum Summit 2020

Sep 01 2020

Luxms team has joined “Data Warehouse Modernization” section at Greenplum Summit, 26th August, 2020.

Serg Shestakov, CEO of Luxms Group, and Dmitry Dorofeev, chief architect, shared a breakthrough case study which boosted heavy ETL analytical queries 30 times and protected resources of Greenplum. The result was achieved using Dremio – a robust SQL engine. So BI queries were run against a specially prepared SQL cache (reflections) . We’ve presented a target architecture for fast operational BI on MPP data with Dremio as ETL booster, Greenplum as a big data storage and Luxms MPP BI is for datacentric visualization and analytics.

Greenplum Summit this year is a series of online talks on best practices and use cases from Greenplum ecosystem partners and customers, and VMware engineering team.

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