Luxms BI - Luxms BI platform was successfully tested on Oracle SPARC T5-2/T7 in FORS Distribution


Luxms BI platform was successfully tested on Oracle SPARC T5-2/T7 in FORS Distribution

Nov 15 2016

Luxms Group together with FORS Distribution company has completed the project of load testing of the platform of visual executive control Luxms BI on full-Oracle stack.

Luxms experts have assessed the performance of information and analytical platform with simultaneous involment of 10 000 users. Tests were carried out on the equipment provided by FORS Distribution: 2 virtual machines under XEN hypervisor with Linux Centos 6.7 24CPU 32Gb RAM, 1 SPARC T5-2 256 CPU, 1 SPARC T7-1 with installed Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release 0. FORS Distribution specialists have also provided the setting of Oracle Database for the requests generated by Luxms BI.

"With the SPARC M7 processor, Oracle has carried out two types of updates in SPARC architecture. First, traditional characteristics of the processor were greatly enhanced: number of cores, frequency, cache memory size, the speed of access of RAM, in addition to other parameters. Secondly, the SPARC M7 processor in the SPARC T7 server offers Software in Silicon technology that provides new opportunities for developers and administrators to secure and accelerate applications and database systems,” comments director of technology of FORS Distribution Andrey Tambovsky. “We provide our partners both with systems based on ORACLE processors of the latest generation and support by experts in the field of SPARC, Oracle Solaris technology, Oracle Databases, Java. Together with Luxms partner testing has confirmed that the transfer of application software Luxms BI from SPARC servers of preceding generations to the latest SPARC platform ensures multiple performance gains without making changes to the application source code. The results obtained from the testing enable users of Luxms BI applications to precisely select the type of server that allows to cope with existing or planned load while optimizing IT costs".

Load tests were emulating typical activity of users in the web-interface Luxms BI on the data set that contained more than 1 billion records. The emulation of actual behavior of users with 10,000 sessions has not produced any significant load on the database and the application server; the response time was several milliseconds. Due to that at the next stage of testing it was decided to provide the load that eliminated any delay between requests. Moreover, the difficulty of requests was significantly increased, namely, each request was asking for data in random way.

From 1 to 500 line graphs were randomly displayed in the interface, each of them contained 1080 dots by X-axis. On the average, the complexity of each request was equivalent to 200 line graphs simultaneously displayed on the same screen.

"With 10,000 simultaneously operating processes – load generators, the average response time of less than 1 second with 5 application servers used was achieved. At the same time noticeable reserve of memory and CPU time on the host with Oracle Database remained", says Dmitry Dorofeev, the managing director of Luxms Centre of implementation.

Thanks to testing, bottlenecks in application server Luxms BI were identified, the code was optimized for the use of Prepared Statements in typical requests that has lead to increase in speed of operationsand significantly reduced the load on Oracle Database. Following optimization, the server showed almost a linear increase in performance when adding new copies of application servers.

As part of testing uninterrupted operation of the platform has been checked, too. "In 24 hours the system has processed more than one billion requests without error, that confirms high reliability of Luxms BI application server", says Dmitry Dorofeev. Moreover, at all stages of testing no memory leak has been observed.

The results of the performed load testing have clearly proved the ability of Luxms BI platform to ensure reliable and stable operation of large number of users that guarantee Russian customers provision of high-quality domestic software for interactive visualization and management control indications.

It should be noted that between FORS Distribution and Luxms Group the agreement has been made on further implementation of the tested solution by SaaS model. The initiative will take place within the framework of actively developing cloud business of FORS Distribution company, in particular, created SkyFORS platform that implements the capabilities of Oracle products and technologies.

The reference information on Luxms Group: Luxms is a group of companies, that over 10 years operates in the field of high technology, it is the leader in visual solutions for executive control – analytics for directors. The company flagship product is Luxms BI. That is the line of industry-specific software solutions for visual executive control produced in Russia. Luxms BI runs both under Oracle DBMS, DBMS with the open source code PostgreSQL, and on the basis of domestic LINTER BASTION DBMS.

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The reference information on FORS Distribution: FORS Distribution is a Platinum member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) and distributor of Oracle technology in Russia. The company’s personnel boasts 20 years of successful operation with Oracle products. Their competencies are include Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Certified Master. FORS Distribution is one of Oracle’s leading partners in promotion of Oracle Exadata Database Machine. A dedicated expert group has been working with the company for several years dealing with all the main practices of application of the Oracle platform for high-load data bases. The facilities of FORS Solution Center for comprehensive solutions include a unique demo-center dedicated to Oracle Exadata systems. The partners of FORS Distribution and their customers have access to professional training, testing, deployment, and operation of systems based on Oracle Exadata.

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