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Luxms Group presented In-Database Application Server at PostgresConf 2019, NYC

Serg Shestakov, CEO, and Dmitry Dorofeev, head of R&D, presented BI application server running inside the PostgreSQL at the world’s largest Postgres Conference.

Mar 22 2019

"2-tier vs 3-tier Architectures for Data Processing Software"

Luxms paper on comparison of 2-tier and 3-tier achitectures for data processing is now in the ACM Digital Library.

Nov 13 2018

Luxms at ICAIT-2018

Luxms R&D center delegates joined ICAIT-2018 and presented their research findings comparing a traditional 3-tier architecture with a data-centric 2-tier architecture for data processing.

Nov 05 2018

Open Source ETL: Apache NiFi vs Streamsets

New blog post about open source ETL at Stasbot blog.

Apr 25 2018

"IoT, CEP, storage and NATS in between"

Dmitry Dorofeev, a software software architect working at Luxms, published a first post from a series of articles abour streaming analytics pipeline in Greenplum blog

Nov 30 2017