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What We Offer

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High-level expertise in Solutions for Executives

Luxms BI represents a new class of Business Intelligence applications - Visual Executive Control tool for strategic management and KPI’s monitoring. 

From-the-top-to-the-bottom approach

We know that executives suffer regularly from information overload and tight time-frames, and traditional BI tools geared towards analysts don’t fit them. We want to ease the process of working with business data and offer a narrowly targeted solution for those who have to make decisions.

This means:

  1. From the ground up built solution for decision-makers
  2. Strategic tasks solving orientation
  3. Hierarchical analysis – office, city, region, organization levels
  4. Mobile access to data

Effective control is the key to success!

Start thinking in terms of control, not in terms of uncertainty! This empowers you to focus on your strengths and weaknesses and take the most appropriate actions to minimize risk. And Luxms BI will capture and sort the relevant, up-to-date data for competent management control. 


Smart data on interactive dashboards

Luxms BI carefully aggregates, filters and prepares your smart data - those reliable control parameters selected from corporate big data that are most essential for decision-making. Thanks to interactive dashboards with great visualizations you can see the whole information picture and focus on top priority issues.



Luxms BI is an ideal solution for any organization that wants to leverage tablets for data analysis and decision making:

Public Agencies and NGOs

Government officials and non-profit organizations’ officers deal with various topics requiring undivided attention. They are obliged to work with data accurately, and be ready to assess the situation and respond 24/7. That's why such tools as Luxms BI can bring them a lot of value.



Competition is becoming more and more fierce. No time for mistakes and decision making delays. Luxms BI is the best way to get a crystal clear picture of business metrics on a tablet, evaluate the situation, and act promptly.


Educational Establishments and Research Institutions

Mobile Business Intelligence is a great tool to do more with less in teaching and R&D. You can showcase analysis and present facts and figures to your audience/colleagues.