Luxms BI - Instant data access

What We Offer

Pure native iPad application

We believe, tablets will rule the future personal computing landscape. And instead of transporting a desktop app onto a tablet screen, we designed Luxms BI initially as an iPad optimized solution for truly flexible, interactive and convenient experience of business analytics.




100% HTML5 client

The Luxms BI web client perfectly supplements functions of data access on an iPad therefore working with key business information becomes quicker and easier. The same data sets and the same analytical tools as on iPad are available to a user.
The web client is compatible with any modern web browser and requires no additional software. To start working with Luxms BI on the web you need only a computer and Internet access.




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What you get with Luxms BI:

  • Instant access to all your business data on a tablet
  • Ability to work with data online and offline
  • Advanced Graphics
  • Easy and Intuitive Interface
  • Customizable look&feel
  • Connectivity with any corporate information sources upon request
  • Full automation of data collection and aggregation






To install the demo app, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.