Luxms BI - Luxms BI release 2.5


Luxms BI release 2.5

Aug 19 2016


New features:

  1. Luxms BI 3-tier architecture supports Oracle stack: from newest Oracle SPARC M7 and Exadata/Exalogic product line to Oracle 12c database and Oracle WebLogic application server.

  2. SAP HANA connector .

  3. Luxms BI iPad client supports new iOS 9.

  4. New visual graphs: pipeline, pyramid, scales. External tables and pictures can be now added to a dashboard.

  5. Different types of graphs can be combined on one dash. 

  6. Comparison of time series by years.

  7. Streetlight color-coding according to plans/targets on interactive maps.

  8. Two-factor authentication for Luxms BI iPad client users.

  9. New Luxms BI Administration interface supporting dashboard wizard.

  10. Luxms BI REST API for online data upload – a full-featured program interface for adding, editing and deleting visual control points in Luxms BI storage.