Luxms BI - Luxms BI release 2.0!


Luxms BI release 2.0!

Jan 14 2016


New features:

  1. Luxms BI server now can run on Oracle stack: Data Mart is located in the Oracle Database, business logic is implemented in java and can run in GlassFish application server. So Oracle edition of Luxms BI can run on engineered systems like Exalytics and Exadata, leveraging industry-leading high reliability and performance.

  2. Completely revamped web client and iPad client GUI:
    better usability and responsiveness, improved visualization.

  3. Support for cluster visualization of objects of control on the map:
    allows interactively navigate statuses and data for thousands of digital sensors from smart-grid energy network and any other IooS infrastructure.
  4. Visualization of KPI Norms.

  5. Two Y-axis graphs.

  6. Loading data from Excel files.

  7. High Volume Data Loading Subsystem - Luxms BI Importer

  8. Pixelmap:
    shows statuses of objects/locations clustered with high density.

  9. Table lookup: on-the-fly visualization of data from external big data source:
    complements Luxms BI datasets with information extracted from external, typically very large data sources (DWH, etc.)

  10. Connectors to monitoring systems HP SiteScope, HP OVPM, IBM Tivoli:
    provide consolidated console for visual control of IT ops for all company tech infrastructure.

  11. Visual control for SVG diagrams:
    draws objects with color coded statuses extracted from SVG diagram (for web client).